Is this a REAL Ragdoll?

Exotic Ragdolls!

Rare Ragdolls with papers!

Beautiful Solid, or Mink, or Sepia RAGDOLL!

No – Nope – No Way – Not REAL Ragdolls!  These claims are misleading and often just not true.  These cats are not Ragdolls.  Ragdolls have blue eyes and are a pointed breed.  Not green eyes, not gray eyes, not turquoise eyes.  Cats with eyes those colors or that are mink, solid or sepia can NOT be registered as Ragdolls in CFA and can be registered (a glitch in the system that was set up years ago and now is difficult to fix) in TICA but can NOT be shown as Ragdolls.

Now I love cats.  I have a rescue now (lived under my bed for over 3 months – LOL).  As a child we had barn cats.  All cats are great in their own way BUT do not get tricked into paying huge amounts of money for these cats.  People (breeders?) selling those cats are really in it for the money.  They can not guarantee that their kittens will not get HCM, much of the time they do not even know what is in the cats background.

So, beware – if the breeder does not show her cats and does not tell you the truth about those cats with green eyes, do not pay more than a couple of hundred dollars to cover spay/neuter and shots.  Those are the people that are giving good breeders all over a bad name.  YIKES!

Please call any breeder on California Best Ragdolls and they will be able to answer any questions you have.




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VOTE NO on Prop 12

Written and backed by HSUS and you know what they stand for!

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A few left – some are bargains

A few kittens left.  A few older ones we held back for a variety of reasons (for example we really liked them and had a hard time parting with them – yep, it happens all the time even if we have been breeding for 15 – 20 years) which are offered at a reduced price – they need their new family.


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There are lots of kittens available

This is a perfect time to make one of our beautiful kittens your new family member.


Hello new friend

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Kittens, Kittens, Kittens

Come and get ’em…OK – Just kidding.  Not many breeders have kittens that are ready to go today but most have kittens that are growing and will be ready to go home in a few weeks.  Please feel free to check with a number of breeders from Best Ragdolls.  We all work together and you do not have to be concerned about talking to more than one Best Ragdoll Breeder.  We want our kittens to have great homes and we want our customers to be thrilled with their new kitten.

Remember – Ragdolls are like potato chips, you can’t have just one.  Just sayin’

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Kitten Season

Kittens everywhere.  Check around.  Do your research and you will find that the breeders featured on are the best in CA and some of the best in the world.  Many of these breeders work closely with breeders from all over the world to make sure that Ragdolls look the same all over the world and to make sure the DNA is varied, keeping our Ragdolls strong and healthy.

Call or email to find out which kittens are available.

Really…Don’t you need a blue-eyed kitten?  I know, right…?

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Winning CA Best Ragdolls

This show season, as always, there are a lot of CA Bestragdoll Breeders that have Regional and International winners!

In the Southwest TICA Region (the only results that are in so far)

Kittens –
2.  Snugglerags Grady
5.  Snugglerags Lego House

14. Snugglerags Midnight Cowboy
18. Snugglerags Norwegian Woods

11. Snugglerags Sweet Scarlet
22.  RubyRidgeRags Mandie Monroe

When MidPacific results are in I will add them to this post.

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners!





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