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Cheryl of Ruby Ridge Rags is showing DGC Ruby Ridge Rags PJ Parker.  Cheryl has some kittens that are ready to go that are every bit as beautiful as PJ Parker – she always seems to have lots of blues!


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Now showing

SGCAdorabledollstazerSGC Adorabledolls Tazer

Come see Tazer being showing in TICA shows in California and say hello to Carol Jaquez his breeder.

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Rescue Persian

I was at my vet’s office today and while I was there I was talking to a vet tech explaining some tools I had set up for a rescue to use for tracking vaccinations, etc.  The tech was upset as she said that the rescue had taken in a 12 year old Persian.  This girl is quiet and sweet and just wants a person to pet her and love her.  She is not doing well with the other cats at the rescue and it seems like she would like to be an only child.  Do you know anyone in the San Diego area that would love and care for this girl?  She doesn’t deserve this happening to an old girl and she would be so grateful for a home of her own.  Please let me know if you think you have a place for her.  I will pick up the cost of her go home vet check.


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Toxic Plants from CFA Site

Plants and Your Cat

Plants add the needed finishing touches to any decor. But, if you have a feline, that beautiful plant could become a deadly enemy. Listed here are plants poisonous to cats that must be avoided if there are cats in your home. Note that lilies(*), in particular, are dangerous to cats. While in some cases, just parts of a plant (bark, leaves, seeds, berries, roots, tubers, spouts, green shells) might be poisonous, this list rules out the whole plant. If you must have any of them, keep them safely out of reach. Should your feline friend eat part of a poisonous plant, rush the cat to your veterinarian as soon as possible. If you can, take the plant with you for ease of identification.

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Christmas kittens – ready to go!

Check with a Best Ragdoll Breeder – most of us have kittens that are ready for their new homes.


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Sending sample post by email!

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