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RubyRidgeRags kitten

What is the most important factor to consider when buying a new Ragdoll kitten?  Of course, it is the health of the kitten.  All of the Best Ragdoll Breeders have breeding cats that have been DNA tested neg/neg for the Ragdoll HCM gene.  The kittens also receive their baby inoculations and are spayed/neutered when you pick them up to go home.  Kittens come with a genetic health guarantee so you know your kittens was given the best care possible. Kittens are bred to the TICA Ragdoll standard and every breeder in Best Ragdolls shows their cats competitively.  All kittens are TICA registered when you pick them up.  Because this is a small, select group of breeders, if one does not have the kitten you are looking for, they can often refer you to another breeder.  These are breeders you can trust.

Ragdolls are so special and so adored by their owners, because of their sweet, loving temperament.   The babies are bred to love their people including kids, dogs and various other pets.

Adorabledolls kitten

What about “flopping” that you hear so much about?  Not exactly true.  Many or even most Ragdolls, are very relaxed when you pick them up but even if they flop as a baby, they may change their mind about it as an adult.

It is important to remember they are cats and they do the normal cat things so please keep that in mind.  They are not trainable like a dog.

Which brings us to –


Be careful of websites that advertise kittens “ON SALE” or offer “RARE” Ragdolls. Accepted and recognized Ragdolls in Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA) MUST be blue eyed colorpoint cats (with or without white). Mink colors with aqua eyes or blue eyes are NOT accepted or recognized and may not be shown as Ragdolls. Solid colors with green or gold eyes are NOT accepted or recognized and may not be shown as Ragdolls. Review the Ragdoll Breed Standard in CFA or TICA